Mystic House Animation

Once upon a time, the Mucklas could be found everywhere. But in an increasingly tidy world, the cheerful goblins have a hard time, since they love disorder more than anything. Soon the last tribe will have to leave their home. For generations, the little creatures have made themselves at home unnoticed in Hansson’s old, chaotic grocer’s store. In the wonderful mess, they find everything they need to live, tinker and make mischief. But Hansson’s successor, Karl the exterminator, turns the paradise into a tiled and sterile nightmare. So Svunja, Tjorben and Smart√∂ set off on a dangerous search for the promised land. The great adventure begins.

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  • Service
  • 2D Opening & Credit Sequence
  • Family
  • 2D Full Frame
  • Released 2022