Hundreds of years ago, underground in the land of waters, a young beautiful witch, and a handsome prince fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, the prince decided to follow his father’s -the King- orders and married another girl. The witch got mad and cast a powerful spell on the underground. The prince turned into a two-headed dragon with two different personalities. The witch made a key, which was the only way to undo the curse. but the key was even hidden form the witch herself, so that the curse could never be undone. Now, hundreds of years later, an eight-year-old girl “Sayeh” from upper ground (the place that we all live in) asks her to tell a story, so she tells Sayeh the story of a dragon’s treasure which has gotten well-known during centuries. Sayeh gets curious and asks one of the village boys “Iraj” about the treasure and what he knows about the dragon…
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  • Unique IP
  • Full Animation
  • 90 Min
  • Family
  • 2D Computer
  • In Production